The society has made tremendous progress in all spheres of life. In this dog eat dog world wealth creation has become the sole motive of life.  Sadly the lustre of wealth has only moved us away from nature, from sunshine, from the wind and the rain ! There is money in the wallet but hardly any time to eat ; food on the table, that contains empty calories and artificial taste but hardly any nutrition ; we have gym and spa memberships but the joy of good health eludes us  still !                                                                      The modern hustle has only succeeded in wearing our bodies and wrecking our minds, leaving us with virtually nowhere to go. Quick fixes for ailments that plague us have made our bodies more vulnerable to diseases.  By the way, the increase in Average Life Span in the previous century which is often alluded to progress made in modern biochemical industry  may actually be a result of more equitable distribution of food grains owing to better means of transport and stable geo-politico conditions !                                                As if this was not enough, we have fallen prey to the lure of fake foods and empty calories; carbonated drinks, fluffy pastries, candies sweetened with corn syrup,  to name a few.        This made the website creators look around at traditional and holistic health practices; those that exist in the  Lore of the land or in Old-wives’-tales or in ancient treatise like Ayurveda.

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What I Do for Healthy Nutrition?

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